Crimson Chat, Epthianura tricolor

Crimson Chat (Epthianura tricolor), photo was taken in Sydney Park, St Peter, NSW, about 10km from Sydney CBD. Crimson Chat is usually found in outback Australia, rarely seen in Sydney. Thanks to TunPin, who reported the sighting. This is acturely the first time, I have gone out of the way chasing after a bird. I supposed this marked a next level up in my birding career.

Crimson Chat, adult male

Crimson Chat, adult male

With clear instruction and someone kindly marked it on google map, it was relatively easy to find the pair of Crimson Chat. The striking red colour of the male bird just made it standout from the background. The female is paler in colour. Locating the pair was not much of a problem.  The only problem was, this small bird (11-13cm) does not sit still for more than few seconds. And it was quite impossible to get close to it.

Crimson Chat

Crimson Chat

The Crimson Chats were feeding on the ground, flying from bush to bush, when being pursued. Nearest that I managed to get to them is about 5meters.  Quite happy with this shot, especially after I learn that there are not too many good photos of this bird online.

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